2022 NDHSAA Class B Speech State Tournament Results

April 26, 2022 9:15 pm

The 69th Annual NDHSAA sponsored State Class B Speech Tournament was held at Mandan High School on Saturday, April 23, 2022. Sue Anderson and Annette Bender served as managers.

Enderlin took first place with 77 points; Richardton/Taylor was awarded second with 69 points; Dickinson Trinity was third with 37 points; Rugby was fourth with 35 points; Harvey/Wells County was fifth with 23 points; and Bowman County & North Sargent tied for sixth with 22 points.

Top place winners in each of the 14 categories:

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st - Morgan Matheson, Bowman County;  2nd - Brooklyn Berger, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  3rd - Kaden Campbell, Enderlin;  4th - Edyth Hatlestad, Shiloh Christian;  5th - Ian Dorval, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  6th - Kadyn Helde, Hazen.

Radio Broadcasting1st - Rachael Bergstedt, Enderlin;  2nd - Jaxon Lacher, Richardton-Taylor;  3rd - Zachary Turner, Shiloh Christian;  4th - Emilie Nannenga, Harvey/Wells County;  5th - Erika Littlefield, Stanley;  6th - Alexandra Kostelecky, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  7th - Heidi Lane, Minto;  8th - Grant Anderson, Harvey/Wells County;  9th - Connor Olson, North Sargent.

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading: 1st - Josephine Evenson, North Border;  2nd - Blake Bernhardt, Wing;  3rd - Lukas Hegel, Beach;  4th - Austin Wanner, Bowman County;  5th - Skylar Uglem, Hatton/Northwood;  6th - Sarah Mueller, Barnes County North;  7th - Ann Crosby, Bowbells;  8th - Alyssa Buckman, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  9th - Sierra Froemke, North Sargent.

Storytelling: 1st - Evan Christensen, Enderlin;  2nd - Katelyn Duchscher, Rugby;  3rd - Adreia Sanchez, Richardton-Taylor;  4th - Aidan Sears, Central Cass;  5th - Tyler Weisser, Harvey/Wells County;  6th - Lukas Hegel, Beach;  7th - Morgan Souza, Garrison;  8th - Marshall Erickson, Alexander.

Serious Duo:  1st - Elisabeth Klockman/Kiana Olson, Enderlin;  2nd - William Bartz/Abby Lacher, Richardton-Taylor;  3rd - Martin  Bergstedt/Thomas Gerber, Enderlin;  4th - Isabella  Nolan/Ashlynn Kautzman, Hazen;  5th - Emma Goetz/Evelyn Kuntz, Richardton-Taylor;  6th - Maddisn Onken/Kensey Knight, Kindred;  7th - Pearl Johnson/Samantha Hoovestol, New Salem-Almont;  8th - Sierra Froemke/Trista Weigelt, North Sargent;  9th - Victoria Beha/Faith Neuhalfen, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood.

Poetry:  1st - Evan Christensen, Enderlin;  2nd - Benjamin Wolff, New Salem-Almont;  3rd - Allison Bryn, Barnes County North;  4th - Kiana Olson, Enderlin;  5th - Evelyn Grad, Hatton/Northwood;  6th - Rori Richter, Carrington;  7th - Victoria Beha, Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood;  8th - Cayden Smykowski, Wyndmere.

Dramatic Interpretation: 1st - Elisabeth Klockman, Enderlin;  2nd - Katelyn Duchscher, Rugby;  3rd - Mya Woodbeck, Bowbells;  4th - Annika Stroh, North Sargent;  5th - Ella Strutz, Shiloh Christian;  6th - Rori Richter, Carrington;  7th - Lenora Larson, Central Valley.

Inform:  1st - Abby Lacher, Richardton-Taylor;  2nd - Hannah Reutter, Harvey/Wells County;  3rd - Hope Gravley, Our Redeemer's;  4th - Alexandra Kostelecky, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  5th - Alexa  Haldorson, Harvey/Wells County;  6th - Peyton Sauter, Linton;  7th - Macy Kennington, Richardton-Taylor;  8th - Rylley Ziegler, Hazen;  9th - Sabrina Volk, Beulah.

Humorous Interpretation1st - Robert  Bartz, Richardton-Taylor;  2nd - Aidan Sears, Central Cass;  3rd - Isabella Voller, Shiloh Christian;  4th - Hayden Smith, Maple River;  5th - Briley Carr, Carrington;  6th - Julianna Berg, Kindred;  7th - Kenedi Stoddard, Kindred;  8th - Tayla Ybarra, Alexander;  9th - Alexis Ogston, Burke Central.

Humorous Duo:  1st - Paul Drabus/Hayden Smith, Maple River;  2nd - Robert Bartz/William Bartz, Richardton-Taylor;  3rd - Molly Jennings/Jake Dahl, Washburn;  4th - Mya Woodbeck/Cohen Seime, Bowbells;  5th - Mikayla Voegele/Rex Keltner, Beulah;  6th - Alyssa Hoff/Adreia Sanchez, Richardton-Taylor;  7th - Emma Goetz/Grace Goetz, Richardton-Taylor;  8th - Katie Heidrich/Jordyn Heidrich, Linton.

Serious Prose1st - Annika Stroh, North Sargent;  2nd - Kjerstan Sebelius, Rolette;  3rd - Troy Thompson, Rolette;  4th - Caitlynn Towe, Rugby;  5th - Andrea Loffenbacher-Benson, Richardton-Taylor;  6th - Elizabeth  Duke, Washburn;  7th - Alyssa Yoder, North Star;  8th - Alyssa Buckman, Bowman County.

Speech to Persuade:  1st - Thomas Gerber, Enderlin;  2nd - Abbygail Linker, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  3rd - Ella Filipek, North Sargent;  4th - Hope Gravley, Our Redeemer's;  5th - Jaxon Lacher, Richardton-Taylor;  6th - Ian Dorval, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  7th - Macee Jones, Stanley;  8th - Molly Hansen, Carrington.

Impromptu:  1st - Amber Selensky, Rugby;  2nd - Megan Kramer, Max;  3rd - Brooklyn Berger, Dickinson Trinity/New England;  4th - Morgan Matheson, Bowman County;  5th - Angeline Risovi, Rugby;  6th - Ty Mehlhoff, Wing;  7th - Colin Lunde, Kindred;  8th - Alysun Rudland, Burke Central;  9th - Penelope Miranowski, Richland.

Speech to Entertain: 1st - Rex Keltner, Beulah;  2nd - Mckinnlee Haberman, Wyndmere;  3rd - Thea Letcher, Hatton/Northwood;  4th - Kenedi Stoddard, Kindred;  5th - Molly Robb, South Heart;  6th - Elise Grenier, Rolette;  7th - Brooklyn Mauch, Kindred;  8th - Andrew  Seibel, Harvey/Wells County.