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2022 State Student Congress Results

The 60th Annual NDHSAA State Student Congress was held at the State Capitol in Bismarck November 3-4.

Team Totals

1st–West Fargo Horace; 2nd–Fargo Davies; 3rd– West Fargo Sheyenne; 4th–Valley City; 5th-Bismarck St. Mary’s; 5th (tie)–Fargo South.

Elected by peers as the 2022 Student Congress Coach of the Year was Rhonda Burckhard, coach at St. Mary’s.

2022 Presiding Officers

Senate – Nathan Rateau, Fargo South

House I – Adreia Sanchez, Richardton-Taylor

House II – Maggie Dick, West Fargo Horace

House III – Rachel Huynh, West Fargo Sheyenne

House IV – Jayla Ridout, West Fargo Horace

House V – Leah Hochhalter, Valley City

House VI –Lucy Scherbenske, West Fargo Horace


1st - Cady Wang, Fargo Davies;  2nd - Amelia Meester, Valley City;  3rd - Nadir Mohamed, West Fargo Horace;  4th - Mathew Foolish Bear, Bismarck St. Mary's;  4th - Eva Rykowsky, Bismarck St. Mary's;  6th - Levi Gorden, West Fargo Horace;  7th - Asiya Gedi, West Fargo Sheyenne;  8th - Ian Dorval, Dickinson Trinity.


1st - Griffin Terras, West Fargo Horace;  2nd - Carter Hass, Valley City;  3rd - Tucker Johnson, Valley City;  3rd - Veda Voegele, West Fargo Horace;  3rd - Jonah Follingstad, West Fargo Sheyenne;  6th - Kipling Olson, Fargo South;  7th - William O'Shields, Dickinson Trinity;  7th - Kaden Wass, Devils Lake; 7th-Amanda Li, Fargo Davies.


1st - Casey Kruger, Valley City;  2nd - Hosna Dawlaty, West Fargo Sheyenne;  2nd - Margaret Kathol, Bismarck St. Mary's;  4th - Hannah Heidenreich, Fargo Davies;  5th - ARIEL BAHN, Fargo Davies;  6th - Emily Hirschfeld, Dickinson Trinity;  6th - Lydia Picotte, Fargo Davies;  6th - Ofure Itua, West Fargo Sheyenne.


1st - Mithul Sathish, West Fargo Sheyenne;  2nd - Matthew Propeck, Fargo Davies;  3rd - Nora Aeilts, West Fargo Horace;  4th - Keagen Kratcha, West Fargo Horace;  4th - Emmalee Jones, Valley City;  6th - Isabel Flanagan, West Fargo Horace;  7th - Violet Fideldy, Richardton-Taylor;  8th - Harnoor Johal, West Fargo.


1st - Braden Li, Fargo Davies;  2nd - Ada Gilbertson, Valley City;  3rd - Brogan Kral, Bismarck St. Mary's;  3rd - Neha Kamalakannan, West Fargo Sheyenne;  5th - Gianna Kreitinger, Dickinson Trinity;  5th - Olivia Mitchell, Devils Lake;  7th - Seoyun Park, Fargo Davies;  7th - Erica Johnson, Fargo North; 7th- Charlotte Lovejoy, West Fargo Horace.


1st - Silas Rodriguez, Fargo South;  2nd - Abhiram Kotala, West Fargo Sheyenne;  3rd - Jonah Heyer, Fargo Davies;  4th - Isaak Mohamed, West Fargo Horace;  5th - Hetta Skaare, Dickinson Trinity;  5th - Leo  Nyberg, West Fargo Sheyenne;  7th - Abby Wilmes, Valley City;  8th - Maria Mayer, Dickinson Trinity.


1st - Skylar Powell, West Fargo Horace;  2nd - Sophia Lin, Fargo Davies;  3rd - Lindy Dalbol, Fargo Davies;  4th - Elena Weng, West Fargo Sheyenne;  5th - Jared Burk, Valley City;  6th - Norah Casas, West Fargo Sheyenne;  7th - William Mitsche, Fargo South;  8th - Henry Mcmullen-Wendt, Fargo North.


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