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2023 NDHSAA State Class B One-Act Play Contest Results


VALLEY CITY – The 2023 NDHSAA State Class B One-Act Play Contest was held Monday and Tuesday, November 20 and 21 in Jamestown. Mike McIntyre, University of Jamestown, served as manager.

The top 8 places awarded at the finals were as follows: 

1st Kindred performing "Math"
2nd Enderlin performing "Reflex Action"
3rd New Salem-Almont performing "Inside Al"
4th South Prairie performing "The Perfect Ending"
5th Shiloh Christian performing "The Moustache"
6th Belfield  performing "Find Me"
7th May-Port CG performing "The 146 Point Flame"
8th North Sargent performing "De Profundis"

Superior Actor Awards were presented November 20 at Jamestown High School to:

Glenburn - Jersey Heinle
Carrington - Kelsi Neuman
New Salem-Almont - Elizabeth Taylor
New Town - Shali Heart
North Sargent - Aidan Anderson
Park River - Tanner Schramm
Belfield - Sailor Nelson
Ellendale - Carter Gibson
Kindred - Ally Goodmanson

Superior Actor Awards were presented November 20 at University of Jamestown to:

Bowbells/Burke Central - Mya Woodbeck
Rugby - Ryli Kuhnhenn
May-Port CG - Emily Norstebon
South Prairie - Joshua Lindbo
Edgeley - Dylan Ostendorf
Shiloh Christian - Michael Fagerland
Enderlin - Thomas Gerber
Milnor - Emma Bixby
Bowman County - Alexia Reisenhauer

Schools qualified for State from one of ten regional contests held in early to mid-November. State Qualifiers included:  Belfield, Bowbells/Burke Central, Bowman County, Carrington, Edgeley, Ellendale, Enderlin, Glenburn, Kindred, Milnor, MPCG, New Salem-Almont, New Town, North Sargent, Park River, Rugby, Shiloh Christian, and South Prairie.


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