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2024 NDHSAA Class B Speech State Tournament Results

NDHSAA NEWS RELEASE: Tuesday, April 30

VALLEY CITY – The 71st Annual NDHSAA sponsored State Class B Speech Tournament was held at Mandan High School on Saturday, April 27, 2024. Sue Anderson and Annette Bender served as managers.

Kindred took first place with 67 points; Enderlin was awarded second with 59 points; Dickinson Trinity/New England was third with 55 points; Harvey/Wells County was fourth with 37 points; South Prairie-Max was fifth with 31 points; and Beulah was sixth with 25 points.

Top place winners in each of the 14 categories:

Extemporaneous Speaking1st - Ava Haldorson, Harvey/Wells County; 2nd - Cambry Ankenbauer, Bowbells; 3rd - Charles Dagman, Enderlin; 4th - Kristyn Bauer, Beulah; 5th - Edyth Hatlestad, Shiloh Christian; 6th - Brianna Schmitz, Oakes; 7th - Tanner Schlag, Shiloh Christian; 8th - Tessa Zarak, South Heart.

Radio Broadcasting1st - Abigail Francis, Kindred; 2nd - Grant Anderson, Harvey/Wells County; 3rd - Jaxon Lacher, Richardton-Taylor; 4th - Maddison Onken, Kindred; 5th - Heidi Lane, Minto; 6th - Seskia Anderson, Northern Cass; 7th - Shelby Melin, Shiloh Christian; 8th - Beth Dobitz, Dickinson Trinity/New England.

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading1st - Kensey Knight, Kindred; 2nd - Kaitlyn Erickstad, Starkweather; 3rd - Logan Fix, Hazen; 4th - Triniti Gregg, Our Redeemer's; 5th - Paula Meyer, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 6th - Lorelei Emter, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 7th - Gracyn Hornung, North Border; 8th - Joanie McCormick, Wilton; 9th - Shacey Kramer, New Salem-Almont.

Storytelling: 1st - Zofia Dostal, Beulah; 2nd - Drew Houck, Kenmare; 3rd - Parker Bubach, Kindred; 4th - Maddix Martinson, Harvey/Wells County; 5th - McKinnlee Haberman, Wyndmere; 6th - Allyson Goodmanson, Kindred; 7th - Skylar Johnson, Northern Cass; 8th - Molly Ellerkamp, Dickinson Trinity/New England.

Serious Duo:  1st - Emma Goetz/Evelyn Kuntz, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd - Isabella Voller/Madison Miller, Shiloh Christian; 3rd - Tanner Schramm/Gavin Jones, Park River Area; 4th - Chloe Harr/Bostyn Blankenbaker, Bowman Co.; 5th - Sislee Nelson/Elsie Redig, Belfield; 6th - Thea Letcher/Amy Draxton, Hatton/Northwood; 7th - Thomas Gerber/Martin Bergstedt, Enderlin; 8th - Taryn Roesler/Grace Cook, Kindred;

Poetry:  1st - Grayson Mitchell, Northern Cass; 2nd - Shali Heart, New Town; 3rd - Piper Fraase, Enderlin; 4th - Ryli Kuhnhenn, Rugby; 5th - Clara Ankenbauer, Bowbells; 6th - Claire Alger, Enderlin; 7th - Kaitlyn Erickstad, Starkweather; 8th - McKenna Wilke, North Star.

Dramatic Interpretation: 1st - Kensey Knight, Kindred; 2nd - Bostyn Blankenbaker, Bowman Co.; 3rd - Maleina Joubert, Harvey/Wells County; 4th - Evelyn Kuntz, Richardton-Taylor; 5th - Valeria Castro, Kindred; 6th - Kaylee Grosz, Belfield; 7th - Keira Fredrickson, Powers Lake.

Inform:  1st - Cambry Ankenbauer, Bowbells; 2nd - Thomas Gerber, Enderlin; 3rd - Lia Butz, Our Redeemer's; 4th - Molly Ellerkamp, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 5th - Brylee Beeter, South Prairie-Max; 6th - Kari Bauer, Beulah; 7th - Chloe Wang, Enderlin; 8th - Allison Fredrickson, Enderlin.

Humorous Interpretation1st - Troy Thompson, Rolette; 2nd - Joshua Lindbo, South Prairie-Max; 3rd - Mallory Moline, Kindred; 4th - Oliva Towe, Rugby; 5th - Isabella Voller, Shiloh Christian; 6th - Kason Connot, Rugby; 7th - Whitney Stoddard, Kindred; 8th - Madelyn Hogue, South Prairie-Max; 9th - Dawsyn Malkowski, Belfield.

Humorous Duo1st - Gracie Rauschenberger/Joshua Lindbo, South Prairie-Max; 2nd - Troy Thompson/Elise Grenier, Rolette; 3rd - Whitney Stoddard/Mallory Moline, Kindred; 4th - Van Clarys/Molly Robb, South Heart; 5th - Dawsyn Malkowski/Allyssia Kessel, Belfield; 6th - Emma Marten/Karl Behm, South Prairie-Max; 7th - Emily Helsper/Gavin Farstveet, Beach; 8th - Anne Petersen/Roxanne Quigley, Kenmare; 9th - Micah Thompson/Solomon Burchill, Maple River.

Serious Prose1st - William O'Shields, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 2nd - Danielle Goodmanson, Enderlin; 3rd - Seskia Anderson, Northern Cass; 4th - Emily Ruffin, Belfield; 5th - Allison Bryn, Barnes County North; 6th - Karter Neilson, Rolette; 7th - Simone Joubert, Harvey/Wells County; 8th - Ashley Haas, Kindred.

Speech to Persuade:  1st - Claire Alger, Enderlin; 2nd - Haley McCleod, Enderlin; 3rd - Kristyn Bauer, Beulah; 4th - Kaydence Gillund, Enderlin; 5th - Taya Baric, Nedrose; 6th - Emily Hirschfeld, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 7th - Ava Haldorson, Harvey/Wells County; 8th - Zofia Dostal, Beulah.

Impromptu1st - William O'Shields, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 2nd - Allison Bryn, Barnes County North; 3rd - Elijah Ellestad, North Sargent; 4th - Calen Rohrbach, South Prairie-Max; 5th - Maria Mayer, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 6th - Maximillian Bernier, Kindred; 7th - Chukwuka Ugobi, Our Redeemer's; 8th - Ty Mehlhoff, Wing; 9th - Adelheid Nelson, Burke Central.

Speech to Entertain: 1st - Molly Robb, South Heart; 2nd - Maria Mayer, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 3rd - Lorelei Emter, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 4th - Katherine Davidson, Beach; 5th - Maddix Martinson, Harvey/Wells County; 6th - Emily Helsper, Beach; 7th - Christine Yunker, Washburn; 8th - Jaydan Mann, Zeeland; 9th - Henry Sveen, Park River Area.

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