Team Scholars - January

Principals and coaches are reminded that Team Scholar Award applications may be submitted as soon as your school has reached the first grading period. It is requested the school principal identify all fall teams that have met the cumulative 3.20 Grade Point Average and submit those all at one time. Applications are accepted electronically through MVP. If you have questions, please contact Brian Bubach at Brian.Bubach@ or (701) 845-3953.


May-Port CG-3.62, Ellendale-3.51, Enderlin-3.50, Center-Stanton-3.25, Des Lacs-Burlington-3.79, Larimore-3.32, Maple Valley-3.37, Oakes-3.69, Divide County-3.77, West Fargo-3.91, Hankinson-3.49, Carrington-3.56, Hazen-3.74, Fargo South-3.40, Mandan-3.41, Stanley-3.48, Shanley-3.70, Bismarck Century-3.57, Dickinson-3.69, Washburn-3.77, Tioga-3.69, Velva-3.78, Minot-3.79, Grand Forks Central-3.63, Trinity Christian-3.42, Ray-3.69


Enderlin-3.57, Center-Stanton-3.48, Carrington-3.58, Stanley-3.56, Tioga-3.53, Velva-3.58, Lidgerwood-3.46, Trinity Christian-3.46, Ray-3.59

Boys’ Cross Country

Larimore-3.21, Fargo South-3.49, Mandan-3.61, Bismarck Century-3.70, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.53, Dickinson-3.36, Minot-3.74, Da- vies-3.31

Girls’ Cross Country

Larimore-3.46, Carrington-3.52, Fargo South-3.77, Mandan-3.44, Stanley-3.78, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.52, Bismarck Century-3.75, Southern McLean-3.54, Velva-3.62, Minot-3.67, Grand Forks Central-3.86


Oakes-3.26, Harvey/Wells County-3.57, Hankinson-3.33, Stanley/Powers Lake-3.33, Shanley-3.29, Southern McLean-3.32, Devils Lake-3.21, Velva-3.48, Minot-3.29

Student Congress

Carrington-3.52, Shanley-3.82, Bismarck Century-3.55, Grand Forks Central-3.74

Boys’ Tennis

Fargo South-3.64, Mandan-3.49, Bismarck Century-3.72, Shanley/Oak Grove-3.58, Minot-3.63, Grand Forks Central-3.62

Girls’ Swimming and Diving

Fargo South-3.43, Mandan-3.39, Bismarck Century-3.64, Minot-3.60, Grand Forks Central-3.85

Girls’ Golf (A)

Shanley-3.30, Bismarck Century-3.76, Dickinson-3.51, Minot-3.65, Grand Forks Central-3.67

Boys’ Soccer

Shanley/Oak Grove-3.54, Bismarck Century-3.33, Minot-3.64, Grand Forks Central-3.79, Mandan-3.25