2014 State A Speech Tournament Results

April 15, 2014 12:00 am

The 2014 and sixty-second annual NDHSAA Sponsored State Class A Speech Tournament was held at Jamestown High School on April 12. All participants qualified from one of two regional tournaments or at an invitational tournament held during the season.
Bismarck St. Mary’s captured first place with 104 points.  Shanley took second with 85 points, Jamestown  third with 71 points and Mandan fourth  with 51 points.
Elected by peers as the 2014 State A Speech Coach of the Year was Annette Bender of Mandan.
The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.
Radio Broadcasting: 1st – Daniel Wassim, Bismarck Century; 2nd – Christopher Riedman, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 3rd – Kaleb Dschaak, Dickinson; 4th – Logan Longtin, Williston; 5th – Jasmine Glasgow, Jamestown; 6th – Marc Michaelson, Dickinson; 7th – Anthony Vecchia, Bismarck St. Mary’s;     8th – Jediah Thomas, Shanley
Storytelling:  1st – Sommer Wild, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd – Jacob Sherfy, Jamestown; 3rd – Kylie Rusch, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th – Cameron Meek, Fargo North; 5th – Shawn Harter, Fargo Davies;            6th – Cole Hanson, Devils Lake; 7th – Adam Michal, Mandan; 8th – Ivy McGurran, Grand Forks Central
Extemporaneous Programmed Reading:  1st – Rachel Goettle, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd – Rosemary McDonald, Grand Forks Central; 3rd – Cameron Meek, Fargo North; 4th – Hannah Jacobson, Mandan; 5th – Alexander Durow, Fargo Davies; 6th – Marissa Koppy, Mandan; 7th – Sarah Strube, Dickinson; 8th – Anna Vandeberg, Grand Forks Central
Humorous Duo: 1st – Tryston Simek/Sarah Huebschwerlen, Bismarck High; 2nd – Katy Rasmussen/Kylie Rusch, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 3rd – Saidee Oberlander/Tia Wagar, Valley City; 4th – Cole Hanson/Colton McAllister, Devils Lake; 5th – Shane Chandler/Jacob Brownell, Jamestown; 6th – Hunter Carpenter/Jacob Sherfy, Jamestown; 7th – Hannah Jacobson/Ashlyn Quintus, Mandan
Dramatic Interpretation:
  1st – Morgan Heier, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 2nd – Mylasha Artis, Devils Lake; 3rd – Courtney Donahue, Shanley;  4th – Reid Nelson, Shanley;  5th – Benjamin Olson, Fargo Davies; 6th – Eliana Goehring, Shanley;  7th – Hannah Steffen, Devils Lake; 8th – Hanna Stout, Devils Lake
Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st – Thomas Startz, Shanley; 2nd – William Fleck, Mandan; 3rd – Kelsey Becker, Jamestown;  4th – Reece Burckhard, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 5th – Oliva Larsen, Williston;     6th – Gabriel Thomas, Shanely; 7th – Casey Orvedal, Fargo Davies; 8th – Prajwal Bharadwaj, Bismarck St. Mary’s
Poetry:  1st – Morgan Baumgartner, Jamestown; 2nd – Nicole Mendoza, Fargo North; 3rd – Courtney Donahue, Shanley;  4th – Libby Kruse, Jamestown; 5th – Emelie Swonger, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 6th – Francine Dong, Grand Forks Central; 7th – Gabrielle Frohlich, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 8th – Kaitlyn Halvorson, Devils Lake
Humorous Interpretation:  1st – Sarah Devine, Grand Forks Central; 2nd – Alexander Durow, Fargo Davies; 3rd – Evan Amundson, Fargo South; 4th – Riley Arneson, Fargo Davies; 5th – Emilie Voeller, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 6th – Neelay Patel, Fargo Davies; 7th – Caitlin Heinze, Mandan; 8th – Colton McAllister, Devils Lake
Serious Duo: 
1st – Elyssa Bickford/Adam Michal, Mandan; 2nd – Brennon Helten/Melanie Bailey, Devils Lake; 3rd – Sommer Wild/Katy Rasmussen, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th – Caitlin Heinze/Taylor Jung, Mandan; 5th – Aislinn Fogarty/Tia Wagar, Valley City; 6th – Mikayla Patel/Brittney Carpenter, Jamestown; 7th – Morgan Heier/Katherine Mastel, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 8th – Sarah Strube/Reed Johnson, Dickinson
Inform:  1st – Sebastian Startz, Shanley; 2nd – Hannah Keogh, Shanley; 3rd – Anthony Vecchia, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th – North Skager, Mandan; 5th – Marc Michaelson, Dickinson; 6th – Saidee Oberlander, Valley City; 7th – Bethany Berntson, Valley City; 8th – Hannah Peterson, Valley City
Serious Prose:  1st – Bethany Berntson, Valley City; 2nd – Morgan Baumgartner, Jamestown; 3rd – Libby Kruse, Jamestown; 4th – Jewell Simonson, West Fargo; 5th – Madelyn Reichert, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 6th – Cacie Lloyd, Valley City; 7th – Morgan Myrvik, Grand Forks Central; 8th – Sarah Devine, Grand Forks Central
Speech to Persuade:  1st – Thomas Startz, Shanley; 2nd – Eliana Goehring, Shanley; 3rd – Kelsey Becker, Jamestown; 4th – Alexander Tibor, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 5th – Shae Skager, Mandan; 6th – Danielle Germundson, Williston; 7th – Darian McCormick, Williston; 8th – Ian Kalil, Williston
Impromptu:  1st – Sebastian Startz, Shanley; 2nd – Kassi Manley, Jamestown; 3rd – Alexander Tibor, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 4th – Jediah Thomas, Shanley;  5th – Reed Johnson, Dickinson; 6th – Nathaniel Thoreson, Fargo Davies; 7th – Brady Letteer, Bismarck St. Mary’s
Speech to Entertain:  1st – Ivy McGurran, Grand Forks Central; 2nd – Austin Oltmanns, Dickinson; 3rd – Shawn Harter, Fargo Davies; 4th – Micayla Bitz, Mandan; 5th – Michael Smith, Williston; 6th – Jaden Young, Devils Lake; 7th – Emilie Voeller, Bismarck St. Mary’s; 8th – Grace Letteer, Bismarck St. Mary’s