2014 NDHSAA State Class B Music Festival Results

May 6, 2014 8:15 pm

The 2014 NDHSAA State Class B Music Festival was held Saturday, May 3 at Bismarck State College.  Jill Bergstedt and Andrew Miller served as festival managers.  The NDHSAA State Class B Festival includes vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles including up to 12 participants per entry.

Judges heard 857 entries involving approximately 1,630 participants.  Each judge had the opportunity to grant one Outstanding Performer award from the entries adjudicated during the day.  Outstanding Performers include:

Cavalier                                       Girls' Vocal Solo                                 Nicole             DeMars            Performing:       Solveig's Song

Central Cass                               Boys' Vocal Ensemble                     7-12                11                       Performing:       Viva la'Amour

Central Cass                               Percussion Ensemble (mallet)      2-3                  3                         Performing:       Stubernic

Central Cass                               Solo: B Flat Clarinet                          Duncan          Saum                Performing:       First movement from Concerto

Dickinson Trinity                       Solo: Snare Drum                              Katie               Franzen            Performing:       Number 2

Garrison                                       Girls' Vocal Ensemble                      7-12                12                       Performing:       Johnny Said "No"

Hazen                                           Girls' Vocal Ensemble                      2-3                  2                         Performing:       Ardo e scoprir

Hazen                                           Mixed Instrument Ensemble        7-12                12                       Performing:       Two Holland Tales

LaMoure                                     Flute Ensemble                                  4-6                  4                         Performing:       Flute Flirtation

Langdon                                      Flute Ensemble                                  2-3                  3                         Performing:       Trio No.2

Larimore                                      Girls' Vocal Solo                                 Danica           McDonald       Performing:       Deh, pietoso, oh Addolorata

Lewis & Clark--Berthold         Boys' Vocal Solo                                Benjamin      Helfrich             Performing:       Gia il sole dal Gange

Lewis & Clark--Berthold         Solo: Baritone Horn                          Benjamin      Helfrich             Performing:       Glen Eden

New England                             Girls' Vocal Solo                                 Erin                 Ehlis                   Performing:       Pieta, Signore!

New Rockford-Sheyenne      Girls' Vocal Ensemble                      2-3                  2                         Performing:       Ah Perdona al Primo Affetto

North Border Pembina            Boys' Vocal Solo                                Jordan            Beattie              Performing:       The Trumpeter

Oak Grove                                  Mixed Vocal Ensemble                   7-12                12                       Performing:       Eternitie

Oak Grove                                  Mixed Vocal Ensemble                   4-6                  6                         Performing:       He'll Make A Way

Oakes                                          Solo: Trombone                                 Cole                Ehrlin                 Performing:       Waltz Helen

Sargent Central                         Solo: Trumpet                                    Elijah              Mathews         Performing:       Fantaisie Brilliante

Starkweather                            Saxophone Ensemble                      2-3                  3                         Performing:       Andante and Rondo

Valley-Edinburg                        Girls' Vocal Solo                                 Charley          Hall                    Performing:       The Green-Eyed Dragon

Watford City                              Solo: Alto Saxophone                      Nicholas        Valenzuela      Performing:       Concertino da Camera

For additional information, please visit the NDHSAA website:  http://www.ndhsaa.com/tournaments/music