NDHSAA Local (Sub-Varsity) Officials

Officials must complete all items below to become eligible to officiate at the Local (Sub-Varsity) level in the sport(s) in which they register as Local officials.

Requirements for Local Official include:

  1. Complete NFHS Learn Concussion Management Course (State Law)
    1. Create NFHS Learn account at www.nfhslearn.com if you do not have one and purchase (course is free, however you still need to purchase) and complete the Concussion Management course, Instructions available on the NDHSAA website at the Concussion Management Information link on the main NDHSAA webpage.
  2. Create NDHSAA Account www.ndhsaa.com
    1. If user has NDHSAA account, complete requirements using same account and email address as used in current NDHSAA account.
  3. Register Online Within NDHSAA Account
    1. Officials Registration tab
      1. My Profile -> Sport -> Choose Local -> Complete registration form
  4. Pay Registration Fee
    1. Online or through mail. MUST be paid within 30 days or registration is cancelled.
      1. $20 registration fee plus $12 for first sport. ($32)
      2. Additional sports: $12 each
  5. Complete Current School Year Local (Sub-Varisty) Officiating Rules Clinic - must be completed each year
    1. Available on “Clinic” tab when logged in to NDHSAA account.

Item 1:
ND State Law requires officials complete concussion management training every two years.
Items 2-4:
Must complete BEFORE LOCAL officials will be approved eligible to officiate contests.
Item 5:
Failure to complete clinic will result in a drop of a level of certification the following year.

  • Certified Local will drop to Probationary at all levels. (Registered and Local)
  • Probationary Local will drop to Ineligible at all levels. (Registered and Local)

Contact the NDHSAA office with any questions concerning the certification of local sub-varsity officials through this program.

Updated 03/05/2021