Online Rules Clinics

Fine Arts Rules Clinic Dates

Rules clinics attendance/completion is mandatory each year for all Debate, Music, Play, Speech and Student Congress Coach/Activity Advisors.

There are no make-up rules clinics.

Penalty for failure to fulfill a mandatory clinic requirement shall result in a $50 fine to the school. Fines must be paid prior to being permitted to participate in NDHSAA post season activities to which the fine applies.

To complete the online rules clinic:

  • Log in to NDHSAA
  • Click on Clinics on the top left side of the page
  • Click on the green Take Clinic link that appears to the right of the rules clinic you wish to take
  • You must complete the rules clinic including all quizzes to gain credit for the clinic
  • After each quiz, you must click the SUBMIT button and the FINISH button before continuing
  • Upon completion of the rules clinic for officials, credit will be automatically be given within their NDHSAA account.  You will see verification of your completion on the screen.
  • Verification lists will be posted on immediately on each sport/activity clinic verification page.  Coaches & officials are responsible for verifying their completion within the clinic window. Clinic Verification

For questions concerning Play, please contact Brian Bubach, NDHSAA Associate Director.

Updated 05/10/2019