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West Fargo Horace High School

Address: 8100 Lakeview Drive 58047, Horace, North Dakota 58047

Mailing Address: 8100 Lakeview Drive 58047, Horace, North Dakota 58047

Phone: 701-551-4707



Grades 9-12, 456 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: Beth Slette

Assistant Superintendent: Vincent Williams

Athletic Director: Logan Midthun

Athletic Director: Aaron La Deaux

Athletic Director: Elizabeth Opp

Assistant Athletic Director: Elizabeth Opp

Activities Director: Aaron La Deaux

Activities Director: Elizabeth Opp

Business Manager: Levi Bachmeier

School Song:

School Colors: Black, Old Gold

Mascot: Hawks

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Boys' Cross Country Leigh Daley
Girls' Cross Country Leigh Daley
Football Harvey McMahon
Girls' Golf (A) Elise Tangquist
Boys' Soccer (Coop: West Fargo Sheyenne) Jonahtan Melendez-Soloaga
Girls' Swimming and Diving Andrea Smith
Boys' Tennis (Coop: West Fargo Sheyenne) Chad Anderson
Volleyball Hadley Steffen
Boys' Basketball Kyle Cummings
Girls' Basketball Brent Hintz, Kaitlyn Hanson
Boys' Ice Hockey (Coop: West Fargo Sheyenne) David Benson
Girls' Ice Hockey (Coop: West Fargo) Pat Johnson
Boys' Swimming and Diving (Coop: West Fargo Sheyenne) Erich Richardson
Boys' Wrestling (Coop: West Fargo Sheyenne) Lex Lunde
Girls' Wrestling (Coop: West Fargo United) Zachary Shelley
Baseball Jordan Hughes, Quinn Irey
Cheerleading Chelsea Hermanson
Boys' Golf Joel Knudsen
Girls' Soccer (Coop: West Fargo Sheyenne) Amer Vatres
Girls' Softball Jen Smart
Girls' Tennis (Coop: West Fargo Sheyenne) Chad Anderson
Boys' Track and Field Harvey McMahon
Girls' Track and Field Leigh Daley
Debate Nathan Amberg
Music - Instrumental Eric Pelletier
Music - Orchestra Shelby Huston
Music - Vocal Christian Boechler
Play Adam Pankow
Speech Nathan Amberg
Student Congress Nathan Amberg

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