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Dakota Prairie High School

Address: 518 4th Ave., Petersburg, ND 58272

Mailing Address: PO Box 37, Petersburg, ND 58272

Phone: 701-345-8233

Fax: 701-345-8251


Grades 9-12, 85 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: Jay Slade

Principal: Clay Johnson

Athletic Director: Gus Kueber

Athletic Director: Savannah Kueber

Business Manager: Lori Dahl

Staff: Lori Ternquist

School Song: Across the Field

School Colors: Black, Teal, White

Mascot: Knights

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Boys' Cross Country
Football (Coop: Nelson County) Beau Snyder
Girls' Golf (B) (Coop: Nelson County) Dustin Martin
Volleyball (Coop: Nelson County) Taylor Sand
Boys' Basketball (Coop: Nelson County) Tyson Ackerman
Girls' Basketball (Coop: Nelson County) Gus Kueber
Boys' Ice Hockey (Coop: Devils Lake) Landyn Swenson
Girls' Ice Hockey (Coop: Devils Lake) Rob McIvor
Boys' Wrestling (Coop: Larimore) Bryce Moen
Girls' Wrestling (Coop: Larimore)
Baseball (Coop: Nelson County/Midkota) Logan Lund
Boys' Golf (Coop: Nelson County) Eric Joramo
Girls' Softball (Coop: Nelson County/Midkota) Savannah Kueber
Boys' Track and Field (Coop: Nelson County) Tonia Reinhart
Girls' Track and Field (Coop: Nelson County) Tonia Reinhart
Music - Instrumental (Coop: Nelson County) Martin Olsen
Music - Vocal (Coop: Nelson County) Martin Olsen
Play Miss Sarah Johnson
Speech Miss Sarah Johnson

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