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Dunseith High School

Address: 101 2nd Ave. SW, Dunseith, ND 58329

Mailing Address: PO Box 789, Dunseith, ND 58329

Phone: 701-244-0135

Fax: 701-244-2492


Grades 9-12, 214 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: David Sjol

Principal: Tracey Laducer

Athletic Director: Eric Morin

Assistant Athletic Director: Cheryl Norquay

Staff: Mary Counts

Staff: Josie May Cruz

School Song: Our Director

School Colors: Blue, White

Mascot: Dragons

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Boys' Cross Country Denise Davis
Girls' Cross Country Denise Davis
Football Wallace DeCoteau
Girls' Golf (B) Willie Counts
Volleyball Hailey Davis
Boys' Basketball Eric Morin
Girls' Basketball Steve Poitra
Boys' Wrestling (Coop: Turtle Mountain Community High School (TMCHS)) Travis LaRocque, Dawson Zerr
Baseball Julius Baker
Boys' Golf Willie Counts
Boys' Track and Field
Girls' Track and Field
Music - Instrumental
Music - Vocal

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