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LaMoure High School

Address: PO Box 656, 105 6th Ave SE, LaMoure, ND 58458

Mailing Address: PO Box 656, 105 6th Ave SE, LaMoure, ND 58458

Phone: 701 883-5397

Fax: 701 883-5144


Grades 9-12, 76 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: Mitch Carlson

Principal: Lucas Isaacson

Athletic Director: Lucas Isaacson

Staff: Sally Caudillo

Staff: Tricia Lebahn

Staff: Vicki Hebl

Counselor: Kelli Isaacson

School Song: On Wisconsin

School Colors: Black, White, Red

Mascot: Loboes

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Boys' Cross Country (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Jessica Duffy
Girls' Cross Country (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Jessica Duffy
Football (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Andy DelaBarre
Girls' Golf (B) (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Brad Nogosek
Volleyball (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Jill Dunn
Boys' Basketball (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Tyler Thielges
Girls' Basketball (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Benjamin Holen
Boys' Wrestling (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Matthew Hebl
Girls' Wrestling (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Matthew Hebl
Baseball (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Gaige Dunn
Boys' Golf (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Brad Nogosek
Boys' Track and Field (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Tyler Thielges, Robyn Yohe
Girls' Track and Field (Coop: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion) Robyn Yohe, Tyler Thielges
Music - Instrumental Tricia Lebahn
Music - Vocal Tricia Lebahn
Play Evan Kritzberger, Kelli Isaacson
Speech Evan Kritzberger, Kelli Isaacson

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