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Underwood High School

Address: 123 Summit St., Underwood, ND 58576

Mailing Address: 123 Summit St., PO Box 100, Underwood, ND 58576

Phone: 701-442-3201

Fax: 701-442-3704


Grades 9-12, 66 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: Brad Rinas

Principal: Kyle Hunt

Athletic Director: Ms. D'Aulan Bussman

Assistant Athletic Director: John Jangula

Activities Director: Ms. D'Aulan Bussman

Business Manager: Lesley Jacobs

Staff: Sara Jacobson

School Song: Notre Dame Victory March

School Colors: Purple, White

Mascot: Comets

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Cheer - Football (Coop: Central McLean)
Boys' Cross Country (Coop: Central McLean) Reganne Heger
Girls' Cross Country (Coop: Central McLean) Reganne Heger
Football (Coop: Central McLean) John Jangula, Grant Singer, Logan Staigle
Girls' Golf (B) (Coop: Central McLean) Heather Kramer
Volleyball (Coop: Central McLean) Whitney Jangula, Taylor Eichhorst
Boys' Basketball (Coop: Central McLean) Joi Anderson
Girls' Basketball (Coop: Central McLean) Ethan Vaagene
Boys' Ice Hockey (Coop: Hazen-Beulah) Daniel Frei
Baseball (Coop: Central McLean) Alexander Quintane
Cheerleading (Coop: Central McLean)
Boys' Golf (Coop: Central McLean) Samantha Slavik
Girls' Softball (Coop: Central McLean) Paige Gould
Boys' Track and Field (Coop: Central McLean) Melora Buchholz, Renee Fransen
Girls' Track and Field (Coop: Central McLean) Renee Fransen
Music - Instrumental Sarah Pankratz, Rachel Frank
Music - Vocal Sarah Pankratz, Rachel Frank
Play (Coop: Central McLean)
Speech (Coop: Central McLean) Misty Galvin

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