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Wahpeton High School

Address: 1021 11th Street North, PO Box 10, Wahpeton, ND 58074

Mailing Address: PO Box 10, PO Box 10, Wahpeton, ND 58074

Phone: 701-642-2604

Fax: 701-642-1330


Grades 9-12, 388 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: Michael Kaiser

Principal: Steve Hockert

Athletic Director: Michael McCall

Activities Director: Michael McCall

Staff: Lenore Stevens

School Song: Notre Dame Victory March

School Colors: Purple, Gold,

Mascot: Huskie

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Football Wade Gilbertson
Girls' Golf (A) Jeff Ralph
Girls' Swimming and Diving (Coop: Breckenridge/Wahpeton) Heather Henn
Boys' Tennis (Coop: Wahpeton) Amanda Lunsetter
Volleyball Dominique Richels
Boys' Basketball Jordan Ralph, Jeff Ralph
Girls' Basketball Brian Watson
Gymnastics (Coop: Breckenridge/Wahpeton) Grace Brandt
Boys' Wrestling (Coop: Breckenridge/Wahpeton) Ryan Brandt
Girls' Wrestling (Coop: Breckenridge/Wahpeton) Treyton Hought
Baseball Andrew Lunsetter
Cheerleading Hattie Marohl
Boys' Golf Jeff Ralph
Girls' Tennis (Coop: Wahpeton) Amanda Lunsetter
Boys' Track and Field Whitney Peterson, Larry Lasch
Girls' Track and Field Whitney Peterson, Larry Lasch
Music - Instrumental Tammy Goerger
Music - Orchestra Tammy Goerger
Music - Vocal Tammy Goerger
Play Courtney Diestler

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