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Williston High School

Address: 4200 - 32nd Street W., Williston, ND 58801

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1407, Williston, ND 58802

Phone: 701-572-0967

Fax: 701-572-5449


Grades 9-12, 1384 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: Dr. Richard Faidley

Principal: Michael Rizzo

Principal: Jason Germundson

Athletic Director: Robert Conley

Activities Director: Robert Conley

Assistant Activities Director: Colby Simonsen

Staff: Tyler Quilling

Student Council: Karla Olson

School Song: Williston Fight Song

School Colors: Orange, Black

Mascot: Coyote

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Boys' Cross Country Shane Wahlstrom
Girls' Cross Country Chase Gregory
Football (Coop: Williston) Mark Kennedy
Girls' Golf (A) (Coop: Williston) Justin Graham
Boys' Soccer (Coop: Williston) Ryan Stebbins
Girls' Swimming and Diving (Coop: Williston)
Boys' Tennis (Coop: Williston) Monique Hunter
Volleyball Cassidy Przybilla
Boys' Basketball Daved Lundeen
Girls' Basketball Cory Fleck
Gymnastics (Coop: Northwest) Tanya Hill
Boys' Ice Hockey (Coop: Williston) Derrick Linghor, Mathew Ekblad
Girls' Ice Hockey (Coop: Williston) Jeff Clarke
Boys' Swimming and Diving (Coop: Williston) Joe Kemp, Matthew Jorgenson
Boys' Wrestling (Coop: Williston) Gresh Jones
Girls' Wrestling (Coop: Williston) Gresh Jones, Michelle Romans
Baseball (Coop: Williston) Aaron Finders, Matt Berglund
Cheerleading Jennifer Lawson
Boys' Golf (Coop: Williston) Christopher Dick
Girls' Soccer (Coop: Williston) Justin Graham
Girls' Softball (Coop: Williston) Jesse Stundal
Girls' Tennis (Coop: Williston) Monique Hunter
Boys' Track and Field (Coop: Williston) Tyler Quilling
Girls' Track and Field (Coop: Williston) Chase Gregory
Music - Instrumental Eric Rooke, John Bisbee
Music - Orchestra John Bisbee
Music - Vocal Katie Rooke, John Bisbee
Play Eric Rooke
Speech Rachel Glavin

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