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Alexander High School

Address: 601 Delaney St., Alexander, ND 58831

Mailing Address: PO Box 66, Alexander, ND 58831

Phone: 701-828-3334

Fax: 701-828-3134


Grades 9-12, 81 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: Leslie Bieber

Principal: Shannon Faller

Athletic Director: Terrille Jacobson

School Song: Washington Lee Swing

School Colors: Red, White

Mascot: Comets

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Football Trey Jacobson
Girls' Golf (B)
Volleyball Terrille Jacobson
Boys' Basketball AJ Allard
Girls' Basketball Jolynn Duncan
Boys' Ice Hockey (Coop: Williston) Derrick Linghor, Mathew Ekblad
Girls' Ice Hockey (Coop: Williston) Jeff Clarke
Boys' Wrestling Carlton Turnquist
Girls' Wrestling Carlton Turnquist
Baseball (Coop: Williston) Aaron Finders
Boys' Golf AJ Allard
Girls' Softball (Coop: Williston) Jesse Stundal
Boys' Track and Field (Coop: Williston) Tyler Quilling
Girls' Track and Field (Coop: Williston) Chase Gregory
Music - Instrumental Anthony Morris
Music - Vocal Anthony Morris
Play Vickie Erickson
Speech Kaitlyn Monson, Vickie Erickson

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