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Dickinson Trinity High School

Address: 810 Empire Road, Dickinson, ND 58601

Mailing Address: PO Box 1177, Dickinson, ND 58602

Phone: 701 483 6081

Fax: 701 483 1450


Grades 9-12, 147 students enrolled in 2022

Superintendent: Marya Skaare

Principal: Christian Smith

Athletic Director: Gregg Grinsteinner

Assistant Athletic Director: Pam Wegleitner

Assistant Athletic Director: Jonathan Krause

Dean of Students: Christian Smith

Business Manager: Tina Johnson

Tech Director: Tina Johnson

Counselor: Heather Schieno

Honor Society: Heather Schieno

Student Council: Marya Skaare

School Song: Across The Field

School Colors: Red, White

Mascot: Titans

Sport/Activity Offering Coaches
Boys' Cross Country Tim Baustian
Girls' Cross Country Tim Baustian
Football John Odermann
Girls' Golf (A) (Coop: Dickinson) John Spry
Boys' Soccer (Coop: Dickinson) Angie Shilman, Celeste Hughes
Girls' Swimming and Diving (Coop: Dickinson) Jenna Wolf
Volleyball Breanna Sisson
Boys' Basketball Gregg Grinsteinner
Girls' Basketball Jared Scheeler
Gymnastics (Coop: Dickinson) Casey Berry
Boys' Ice Hockey (Coop: Dickinson)
Girls' Ice Hockey (Coop: Dickinson)
Boys' Swimming and Diving (Coop: Dickinson) Samantha Bohl
Boys' Wrestling (Coop: Dickinson) Trevor Conrad
Girls' Wrestling (Coop: Dickinson) Jerry Stravia, IV
Baseball (Coop: Dickinson) Pete Dobitz
Cheerleading Christina Fisher
Boys' Golf (Coop: Dickinson Trinity/New England) Jake Selinger
Girls' Soccer (Coop: Dickinson) Celeste Hughes
Girls' Softball (Coop: Dickinson) Amanda Mickey
Girls' Tennis (Coop: Dickinson) Lia Bradley
Boys' Track and Field Jonathan Krause
Girls' Track and Field Tim Baustian
Music - Instrumental Jill Whiteman
Music - Vocal Jill Whiteman
Speech (Coop: Dickinson Trinity/New England) Janel Schiff
Student Congress Nicole Tyrrell

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