2018/19 Officials - Baseball Workshops

ALL officials must attend one officials’ workshop or camp each year. Each site may conduct a “Make-Up” workshop by arrangement with the supervisor. Officials must pay a $20 fee to the supervisor to attend.

Attendance at one of these workshops is mandatory for umpires as well as completing the online rules clinic and taking the on-line rules test.

2018/19 Baseball Workshops
* indicates change from initial posting

Site Supervisor Date Time
Devils Lake Sports Center Justin Klein Wed. March 27 7:30 PM
* Fargo Youth Baseball Facility Reggie Jackson Wed. March 27 * 7:00 PM
Dickinson High School Todd Fisher Wed. April 3 7:30 pm (MT)
Grand Forks - Red River High School Ryan Ingeman Wed. April 3 7:30 PM
Jamestown High School Brad Nold Wed. April 3 7:30 PM
Minot - Magic City Campus Theater Brian Hornecker Wed. April 3 7:30 PM
Williston Area Recreation Center Mike Amundson Wed. April 3 7:30 PM
*Bismarck BSC Career Academy Kevin Kerr Wed. April 3 7:30 PM

For questions regarding softball, please contact Justin Fletschock, NDHSAA Assisstant Director.

Updated 01/18/2019