NDHSAA Coaches Requirements

Below is a list of requirements for coaches in the NDHSAA. The links associated with each listing will provide more information about each topic. Any listing that has the "$" next to it implies a fine will be assessed to the school if it is not completed.

  1. $ All coaches must have an NDHSAA.com account and have the appropriate coaching position approved by their school.
    1. Create an Account
    2. Request a Role
  2. $ Attend the appropriate rules clinics for the sports you coach.
    1. Rules Clinic Dates - Can also be found on sport specific pages.
    2. Attending a Rules Clinic
  3. $ Complete the NFHS Rules Test for your sport (if applicable).
    1. Rules Test Dates - Can also be found on sport-specific pages.
    2. How to take NFHS rules tests
  4. $ Complete the Picture, Cutline, Roster, Schedule by the deadline for your sport.
    1. PCRS Dates
    2. How To Upload Picture, Cutline, Roster, Schedule
  5. $ Complete Coaching Certification requirements.
  6. Enter contest scores nightly.
Updated 11/09/2021