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2023-24 Music Judge Test

Name Date School/City Specialties
Clyde Bauman 09/05/2023 Bismarck State College vocal solos and ensembles
Wendy Friskop 09/05/2023 Hankinson Percussion, Band
Oswald Johnson 09/05/2023 Valley City State University Piano
Kathy Brenna 09/05/2023 New Town Woodwind Solos, Ensembles
James Landman 09/06/2023 188th Army Band/Sheyenne High School/West Fargo Band Solo, Small Ensemble, and Large Ensemble
Herb Thomson 09/06/2023 Grand Forks Instrumental
Randy Hall 09/08/2023 Washburn Band, All Vocal
David Peterson 09/11/2023 Sargent Central - Forman Trombone/Low Brass/Brass/Jazz/Saxophone
Martin Van Klompenberg 09/11/2023 North Dakota State University/Fargo, ND Bassoon, Oboe
Jerrold Heide 09/13/2023 Valley City State University Concert Band, Brass, Percussion
Tina Bryn 09/13/2023 Barnes County North
Lanah Akvik 09/14/2023 Walcott
Rochelle Feldner 09/17/2023 Minot Public Schools Brass, Concert Band
Sheila Zinke 09/18/2023 Fargo Choral ensembles/vocal solos
William O'Shields 09/20/2023 Dickinson
Susan German 09/25/2023 Ludden saxophone, clarinet
Brandon Bondley 09/28/2023 Mandan Trumpet, Brass, Percussion, Solos, Ensembles, Full Band
Erin Weichel 09/29/2023 Simle Middle School/ Bismarck Vocal Music
Taylor Long 10/29/2023 Valley City State University Percussion
Jeremy Wohletz 10/30/2023 Dickinson Woodwinds
Rusty J. Bender 11/01/2023 Bismarck Vocal Solo + Ensemble
Reid Haugen 11/06/2023 Moorhead Saxophone
Sarah Reichel 11/07/2023 Hunter
Susan Anderson 11/10/2023 Carrington Vocal
Katrina Clements 11/12/2023 Valley City State University Clarinet (primary), Saxophone, Flute, (all Woodwinds)
Ross Motter 12/13/2023 Fargo/ Jamestown / GF
Valerie Holler 12/14/2023 Drake vocal solos and ensembles
Pat Schwan 12/28/2023 Minot,ND trumpet, brass, ensembles, band, jazz band
Ken Aune 01/03/2024 University of Jamestown Band (brass, woodwinds, percussion)
Brady Gudgel 01/04/2024 Bismarck Vocal Music
Jayden Moser 01/11/2024 Valley CIty and Jamestown Woodwinds and brass
Molly Pearson 01/11/2024 Bismarck Vocal Soloing
Ashley Scherbenske 01/21/2024 West Fargo Vocal Solos & Ensembles
Justin Montigne 01/23/2024 University of North Dakota, Grand Forks voice, choir
Stacey Bach 01/24/2024 East Grand Forks Senior High School Woodwinds, Band, Jazz Band
Diane Arstein 02/09/2024 Rolette, ND
Cedric Halvorson 02/14/2024 Sidney High School/Sidney, MT Vocal
Drew Relling 02/18/2024 New Rockford Sheyenne Vocal, Piano, Percussion
Kathryn Ring 02/20/2024 Shiloh Christian/Bismarck Vocal solo and ensemble
Sharon Strube 02/22/2024
Anne Christopherson, DMA 02/28/2024 Grand Forks G Vocal, B Vocal, Mixed Vocal
MR. FORTUNATO NARIZ, II 03/07/2024 Dunseith Vocal solo
Kilee Sundt 03/09/2024 Sidney Public Schools - MT Woodwind
Heather Aune 03/09/2024 University of Jamestown Vocal
Cheryl McIntyre 03/10/2024 Jamestown Vpcal
Anne Gassmann 03/10/2024 University of Jamestown Choir/Voice
Kathie Hay 03/13/2024 Oakes Vocal
Janet Johansen 03/25/2024 Edinburg Vocal-Solos, Ensembles
Melanie Popejoy 03/25/2024 University of North Dakota Vocal/Choral
Sandy Tibor 04/03/2024 Dickinson Vocal
Evan Meiers 04/04/2024 Minot Percussion/Bands
Dr. Adam Hollingsworth 04/12/2024 Wahpeton

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