Girls Ice Hockey Officials

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HOCKEY (2 Requirements)

  1. Online Rules Clinic: October 28 – November 18, 2019
    • ALL officials must complete a NDHSAA online rules clinic each year.        
  2. EXAM: November 26 - December 5, 2019
    • ALL officials must complete a NDHSAA online exam each year. Grading is pass/fail with a passing grade of 75%.

Earlybird registration deadline: July 1st
• Renewal registrations submitted after July 1st will pay an additional $20. 
• No registrations will be taken for sports after the date of the last rules clinic in that sport.
• All officials must have NDHSAA accounts with current email addresses. Communication will be done through email to the address you have used for your NDHSAA account.
• Officials are not registered until fees have been received and processed by NDHSAA.
• Officials are not eligible to officiate until all fees are received and processed by NDHSAA.
• Registration fees must be paid witihin 30 days of registration.  After 30 days, registrations will be cancelled.
• Any NONREGISTERED official who officiates an NDHSAA contest may be declared ineligible.
• Any official who uses tobacco at the site of the contest or consumes alcohol the day of and prior to a contest shall be suspended.
• Any out-of-state official, who officiates a contest in North Dakota and does not have reciprocity, may be declared ineligible.
• North Dakota state law requires concussion management training every 2 years. 
• NDHSAA Officials must complete all requirements for officials within their sport(s) each year.
• Non-completion of all requirements will result in a drop of a level of certification in that sport.  Non-completion of all requirements two years in a row will result in a year of ineligibility in that sport.

• To register as an official through NDHSAA, you will need an NDHSAA account.

Sports, activities and officials are adminstrated through NDHSAA, the NDHSAA private website.

Log in to NDHSAA or set up an NDHSAA account 

Hockey Online Rules Clinic

Rules clinics completion is mandatory each year for all football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, cross country, softball, swimming, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, wrestling, baseball, track & field officials and head coaches.

Officials and coaches may also fulfill attendance requirements by attending any official rules clinic conducted by any of the state associations and having their attendance card sent to the NDHSAA office for credit. There are no make-up rules clinics.

Penalty for failure to fulfill a mandatory clinic requirement shall result in a $50 fine to the school.  Fines must be paid prior to being permitted to participate in NDHSAA post season activities to which the fine applies.

Officials non-completion of any requirement will result in a drop of a level of certification the following year in the applicable sport.

To complete the online rules clinic:

  • Log in to NDHSAA
  • Click on the Rules Clinic link that appears on the left side of the page.
  • You must complete the rules clinic including all quizzes to gain credit for the clinic
  • After each quiz, you must click the SUBMIT button and the FINISH button before continuing
  • Upon completion of the rules clinic for officials, credit will be automatically be given within their NDHSAA account.  You will see verification of your completion on the screen. 
  • Verification lists are updated automatically as clinics are completed on the verification page.  Coaches & officials are responsible for verifying their completion within the clinic window. Clinic Verifications

Online Exam

Officials and head coaches of baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, volleyball and wrestling must take an open book exam in the sport(s) in which he/she is a head coach/official.  Grading will be Pass/Fail. Officials must obtain 75% to pass.

The exam will be available on-line only and must be completed and submitted within the applicable window.

There will not be a late exam window.

All coaches must have NDHSAA approved roles as coach of their sport(s) before they will be able to access testing.  All officials must be registered through NDHSAA to officiate and NDHSAA must have processed registration fees before any online exams may be taken. You must allow for mailing time.

Access Online Testing - NFHS Exam Site

For questions regarding boys' basketball, please contact Matt Fetsch, NDHSAA Assistant Director.


Updated 07/25/2019