Cheerleading Coach Requirements/Regulations

NDHSAA recognition of cheerleading pertains to safety in stunting only. This is in agreement with certification which is coordinated by the North Dakota Cheer Coaches Association.

When designated as a cheer team coach, that coach must be the bona-fide coach of said cheer team. The coach must attend and run all team practices and assume full responsibility for that particular cheer team. They must be listed by their school as that specific team’s coach. In order to be a certified cheer coach in North Dakota, the following steps must be followed:

*Coach must take and pass the ASEP Sport First Aid course and ND-developed hands-on stunting class.
*Proof of passing the ASEP course with your name included must be mailed to the NDCCA certification official to be kept on file.
*If a coach has coached for 5 years, they must take an additional course BEFORE the start of their 6th year. Courses will be required at each 5 year increment.
*Proof of passing the National Federation CONCUSSION COURSE must be included when mailing certification form.
*Coach must complete that year’s  SPIRIT RULES TEST which is found on website.
* Cheerleaders of the coach desiring to be certified must annually attend an approved cheer camp held by a bona fide cheer company—in ND, that is UCA and NCA.
* The NDCCA update form needs to be completed annually, signed by both the cheer coach  and an administrator of that school.
* The coach will also not be considered certified if any part of the form is not complete.
* The update form must be mailed to the NDCCA official before: September 1st for Fall sports; December 1st for Winter sports.
* Update forms received after the above dates will be assessed a $35 late fee. THE COACH WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED CERTIFIED UNTIL THIS FEE IS PAID.
* The late fee penalty must be paid by October 1st for Fall, and January 2nd for Winter seasons. If fees are not received by these dates, that coaches teams would not be eligible for any NDCCA activities. (cheer competition, scholarships, NDCCA Senior Award, etc.)
* In a school that has different coaches for each cheer team, each of those teams must have a certified coach in order to stunt. That coach must be recognized by the school as that squad’s cheer coach. (for example, if girl’s basketball and boy’s basketball cheer coaches are different people, they each must be certified)

Updated 11/23/2015