2016 Volleyball Workshops

ALL officials must attend one officials’ workshop or camp each year. Each site may conduct a “Make-Up” workshop by arrangement with the supervisor. Officials must pay a $20 fee to the supervisor to attend.

City Supervisor Date  Time Location
Dickinson Jackie Walby 24-Aug 7:00 Dickinson Trinity HS
Bismarck Steph Smith 31-Aug 7:00 Bismarck High School
Ashley Steve Delzer 31-Aug 7:00 Ashley Country Club
Devils Lake Justin/Courtney Klein 25-Aug 7:00 Devils Lake HS
Park River William Galloway 20-Aug 9:00 AM Park River HS
Minot Janis Gerding 7-Sep 7:00 Jim Hill Middle School
Jamestown Sheryl Solberg 24-Aug 7:00 Jamestown HS
Williston Stuart Dolan 24-Aug 7:00 Williston High School
Grand Forks Donna Hutchison 24-Aug 7:00 Grand Forks Red River HS
Fargo Marni Hajicek/Zaundra Bina 17-Aug 7:00 Fargo Davies HS (Rm H101)
Updated 05/06/2016